NFT Labs Partners with CHIKO Media for a Worldwide Media Eco

NFT Labs
2 min readDec 14, 2021

NFT Labs reckoned as the influential NFT Media that previously partnered with CHIKO Media is now announcing the partnership with each other on building the worldwide NFT and Blockchain ecosystem. It is to bridge the project incubation, marketing, PR and media.

About CHIKO Media

CHIKO Media is a subsidiary of CHIKO Blockchain school, which is registered with China’s government agency. CHIKO Blockchain school is a blockchain school run by blockchain experts from famous universities in the world, such as Harvard University, Peking University, Yale University, Korea University, Zhejiang University and Yonsei University.

CHIKO media focuses mainly on project incubation, marketing, PR and media. We as a a project incubator, helped several projects like Map Protocol, True Chain and Bosagora succeed in ICO listing. We are in partnership with Polkakr and Cream Finance. In media department, we delivers news related to blockchain and cryptocurrency in China and Korea through industry analysis.

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About NFT Labs

NFT Labs is the influential and the earliest NFT media in Asia, focusing on NFT ecosystem research.

NFT Labs is all about bringing the audience the most significant and trendiest news from the booming industry of non-fungible tokens. As unique as the world of NFT is, we will help people understand it, get involved in it and even evolve it. If you are an NFT artist, or you developed an interesting NFT project and you want to get out there to be seen, we are here for you. With our experience, knowledge and enthusiasm, we will make sure that you will get the best NFT journey here.

Up to now, NFT Labs has published over 200 original articles on NFT, accumulating billions of views on the internet.

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