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10 min readNov 30, 2021

Super BOOMi x Spores Network allying to NFT shares

The popularity of NFTs has begun to rise exponentially and gathering all attention from traditional IPs for further artwork collaborations. Let’s look into how Super BOOMi plans to incorporate its animated characters in the NFT space.


T for Trevor | creator of Super BOOMi

Trevor is the published author and illustrator of more than 25 books, experienced in creating characters and stories over twenty years.
Super BOOMi is one of Trevor’s first cartoon series created, which started from an original concept then turned to a globally known cartoon show with over 5 billion views!

D for Duc | founder of Spores Network

He comes from an Edtech, proptech, and marketplace. Edtech was a startup in Hong Kong and later sold to Bain Capital Private Equity China and then took the parent company public on Nasdaq in 2017 for over $1 billion valuation.

The last two years he moved back to homeland of Vietnam to build the country. He served as COO of Propzy, a proptech play, where he helped raise $25 million from Softbank Ventures Asia, Gaw Capital, and Insignia Ventures. Soon he was poached by One Mount Group’s venture OneHousing to lead strategy and operations as COO, looking to scale another proptech play with backing by Vietnam’s top two billionaires of Real Estate and Banking. He is also a contributor writer for Vietcetera, TechinAsia, and keynote speaker in Edtech, Proptech, and now Crypto.

NFT Labs: Why did Spores choose to launch the project? What do you think are the missing parts of the current NFT market?

DI believe Spores is in a unique position because we aim to be a media company and establish ourselves as THE go-to partners for artists/creators, games, IPs and brands. We’re also not limited to just crypto/NFT partners, but we have and will accommodate the mainstream looking to enter into this exciting NFT space. The possibilities are endless when a company opens itself up like Spores is doing.

For instance, we have 2 major IPs from Animation & Collectibles that came to us looking to venture into NFTs.

We have Super BOOMi, a 5-billion views animation franchise, backed by Tencent, huge in both mainland China and internally. Its first NFT collection is going to be with Spores, coming by the end of November.

Super BOOMi

Another one is a 40-year-old mecha masterpiece, Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K) by Kow Yokoyma. We will NFT Kow’s most infamous Ma.K models which guarantees will make the dreams of any mecha/model collectors come true.

Another partnership we just landed is with Kuruma NFT Inc. Spores will power Kuruma’s vision to launch an NFT platform where users can buy, sell and trade NFTs in a dedicated online setting called the “autoverse.”

NFT Labs: What’s Super BOOMi and its important milestone till now?

TSuper BOOMi has been on an incredible ride in the past few years. Since it was launched in 2017, it has amassed over 5 BILLION VIEWS on just Tencent Video’s platform, and hundreds of millions more across other platforms over the past 4 years.

Then, we became one of the first shows from China ever to sign a major international distribution deal with Nelvana. The English version of Super BOOMi launched on Treehouse TV across Canada, which is home to popular series like Peppa Pig and PJ Masks and has also been sold to Thailand and the Middle East.

Super BOOMi was also sold to one of Europe’s biggest media corporations, Canal+, which is one of the most popular channels in France, and BOOMi debuted as one of their top new cartoons.

Super BOOMi was picked up by Mediacorp Channel 5. Mediacorp Channel 5 is the English mass entertainment and lifestyle channel for the entire family and known for its high-quality and innovative local productions, award-winning programmes and blockbuster movies in Singapore. It is among the most popular free-to-air TV channels in the country.

Another really cool milestone is that BOOMi is the first character from China to become a licensed ambassador to one of the major North American sports leagues. BOOMi is the family ambassador for the National Hockey League in Greater China, and has been featured in media across the US and Canada.

BOOMi was invited to the NHL ® All-Star Game and interacted with superstar players. BOOMi performed at fan events and appeared on ice together with the NHL’s other official mascots.

Super BOOMi Hockey Hero has been released on major TV broadcasters across China, and the animated episodes have grown the fanbase for ice hockey in the country, with over 60 MILLION VIEWS, more than any other hockey content for kids! Hockey fans around the world can watch Super BOOMi Hockey Hero on the NHL’s YouTube Channel.

Super BOOMi’s licensing success is exceptional, with Up Studios partnering with the Intercontinental Hotel Group to create BOOMi themed family rooms in over 100 Holiday Inn hotels and resorts.

NFT Labs: How do you determine the rarity of the characters and what is the expected ROI that we can expect from BOOMi assets? Will the rarer characters have any chance of being on your series?

T Rarities are more about joy of uncovering value and special editions. I don’t like the ROI value as it’s implicit. I opened up a basketball pack and got a Shaq super rare rookie card one year. I teared up cuz it was worth 200 bucks at the time but it’s still more because I had it rather than I wanted to sell it. I ended up selling for above market value later but plowed that money right into more cards and comics.

With the first drop, I wanted to offer collectors the first versions of all our Star characters and the main villain. So, obviously BOOMi is the star, and them we balanced his 3 costars who appear in every episode. All of these characters appear in this way in the show, so basically anyone who opens a main characters gets to collect their first appearance as a digital collectible, which in sports cards is equivalent to their rookie cards. With the Super Rare, Epic and Legendary pieces, we really wanted to make them special, so Astronaut BOOMi is a tribute to the concept of going To the Moon, which BOOMi has actually gone to in his cartoon! This astronaut BOOMi has starred in several popular episodes already and he’s always going to have space adventures in his future seasons. The Gold and Rainbow versions look so cool, we are definitely thinking of ways to incorporate them into future episodes of Super BOOMi.

NFT Labs: Is there a roadmap for BOOMi NFTs and how will it correlate to the current development for the BOOMi series and other activities?

TYes, our plan is to spend the first year creating and launching the foundation of BOOMi’s digital collectibles with the most iconic and popular versions of each star character from the first 156 episodes of the show. By limiting the number of collections we’re doing each year to 3–4, we are rewarding our earliest collectors with the most popular characters up front, and then we will expand the line to included more of the new and upcoming characters from newer seasons. This is a similar approach to how Marvel started with Iron Man, and then slowly built out the Avengers before expanding the universe to introduce more of the tertiary characters. Also, BOOMi has a lot of amazing vehicles and tech to collect, like his Star Mecha (which is already a successful toy series).

NFT Labs: What would be the long-term plan for BOOMi? Will you expand to digital collectible and make it a staple for BOOMi franchise?

T Our plan is to make BOOMi the first character created in China but commercially successful around the world. We are already in production on seasons 7–8 of the show, and have seasons 9–10 lined up afterwards, so BOOMi has a long exciting road ahead!

Certainly, as a collector and Creator, I plan to integrate every collectible version we release with our show contents and we will enable collectors of our drops to actually get pieces of original merchandise and artwork from Super BOOMi’s production vaults!

We are also going to debug brand new outfits, tech and even characters before they appear in the show, so that’s an exciting first this space.

NFT Labs: What do you think are other interesting ways to play NFT in the future?

DNFTs for brands and corporations present an opportunity for direct engagement with their fans through loyalty programs, merchandising, and marketing. Brands and IP content creators now have a completely new way to monetize their unique experiences and offerings.

We are working on a ton of activations with brands:

1. With Kuruma we’re connecting with the top brands in tuner and drift racing to bring their fans into digital collectibles and vice versa. Imagine owning your own favorite drift car as a digital collectible and then one day being able to race that car in a metaverse game!

2. We have partnered with two major comic book properties to be announced in the coming weeks where we’re again taking care of their NFT offerings to better grow and engage fans.

3. With SuperBoomi we have a 2 year roadmap to bring Boomi’s stories and characters into the metaverse. You’ll see a ton of digital collectibles, loyalty rewards, possibly p2e games. You will get to collect items before they appear on the animated tv shows in China, France, Canada, and the rest of the world.

NFT Labs: What is the meaning of NFT to Metaverse? Or what is the relationship between the two?

DNFTs allow you to own a piece of the Metaverse you’re in. Simple as that. Without NFTs, you’re playing in someone else’s world, not your own. NFTs bring back the power of ownership. Imagine if you get to jack into the Matrix and play there, but that you own whatever you create/buy/dream up of there as well. I’m an NFT in real life. What’s what makes me special in the meatverse. NFTs allow for uniqueness in the metaverse, a game changer really for all things digital. You can have a million copies, but there will always be a #1 of a million. I want to own or be that only one.

We believe that the decentralization of ownership and burgeoning metaverse will uniquely bridge our digital and physical lives. Our mission is to create an NFT ecosystem that is creator-centric, community driven, and borderless.

To that end, Spores functions as a media company that leverages an NFT marketplace and game publishing platform to activate content creators in art, games and entertainment.

NFT Labs: Are there any short-term or long-term plans of Spores Network you can share with us? Especially in Asian market.

DTwo major developments for Spores as we seek to be known as a media company and not just an NFT marketplace. We have always been focused on gamefi and metaverse through our steam inspired gamefi secondary NFT marketplace, now we are adding GameFI IDO/IGO/INOs and directly investing through our Spores Capital Ecosystem Fund to bring GameFi IDOs to market.

We will have 2 phases for metaverse We have 5 IDOs/IGOs on the way for Q4/Q1. Another unique thing we are doing in gaming is offering incubator solutions where we invest in IDOs — and operate blockchain game studios — with venture capital style support across funding, marketing, operations, and tech advisory functional expertise. We plan to have 4 IDO/IGOs slated per month moving forward, so if you’re looking to invest in the metaverse and GameFi you can join our accelerator program and community to participate.

Then we have our metaverse activation. This too is broken into two parts and by the end of the year our first meta solution will be live — an XRVR gallery. This gallery space will be used for personal expression by our artists. They can do anything here that they want. This is a space where patrons can immerse in temporary and permanent world-famous digital art and offers a section where everyday people can house their own gallery.

Within 18-months we plan to launch our own metaverse. This will be a digital 3D playground and gamified open world ecosystem where all IP and brand partners can interact with people choosing to enrich and connect between their digital and physical worlds. One other exciting thing to mention is our tech roadmap and use of BSC, MATIC; and our powerful partnerships with Cardano and Solana.

Phase 1 — museum and gallery space that will hold world famous permanent and temporary exhibits from artists in the NFT space. Second, it will also be a social venue where stakers of Spores tokens will be allowed to have a free personal gallery space to show off the crypto artwork they have bought.

Phase 2 — building over the next two years is a full metaverse where content IP and brand partners can interact. We hope to have Kow Yokoyama mecha alongside Todd Gray’s site along with game characters from our game partners.

NFT Labs: Why should people invest in $SPO tokens ? What are the benefits for investors in holding tokens ? What are the usage areas?

DThe activation plans and early momentum should signal a company on the move. SPO tokens are on a buy back program every quarter where we use 25% of our token profit to lock tokens for 2 years. In Q3 we completed a $25k usd buy back. The idea being to create positive pressure on the price. In addition, we are designing a comprehensive loyalty reward program for SPO token holders that bring utility and benefits to token holders that will drive value for holding SPO tokens. And, we also have exclusive VIP access for hot NFT drops, where as Spores stakers get VIP access to our IGO, INO, accelerator program for IDOs, access to Metaverse phase 1 and phase 2. Moving forward to a specified % of future NFT drops will be purchasable with our SPO tokens. Spores token holders use SPO tokens to vote for platform governance, upgrade and development proposals, to utilize DeFi transactions (e.g. LP mining, staking, collateral lending), to monetize in associated benefits with NTFs (e.g. subscription for Elite Club to earn NFT airdrops, collectible rewards and presale access to exclusive NFT drops).

Detailed info can be found here :

With all these positive economic programs and activites everyone should take advantage of our BSC staking programs which can be found at and whitelist yourself to get early access.

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