Who will be your Metaverse friend in MetaV?

NFT Labs
9 min readNov 23, 2021

Her, a movie debuted on 2013 of director Spike Jonze, has revealed the loneliness of human being by mating with a voice from an AI machine. Do you feel the same?

Her by Spike Jonze

Only nine years later, with the development of blockchain technologies, human are talking about a huge concept metaverse and imagining living in the virtual world. They are buying lands, having parties, creating arts, playing games on it etc, etc. But will you hit by this feeling again?

NFT Labs has invited two guests from MetaV and talking about their realistic Metaverse and an interactive friends from Mtopia.

Phase I: The introduction of Founders

Zach Stonk: 6 year crypto trader / Investor, 3D/AI/VR/Gaming/Entertainment Expert/Sci-fi Maniac

Rak Paeng: Crypto Investor/ Independent Producer/ Postmodernist Artist/ Animal Lover/ Vegetarian

Phase II: The introduction of MetaV

NFT Labs: Could you tell us what is MetaV? What is Mtopia?

Rak: MetaV starts with a bunch of geeks and sci-fi lovers, who want to work with the community to build our own metaverse based on decentralized infrastructure. We really love sci-fi movies such as Ready Player One, and more recently, Free Guy, which inspire us a lot. Therefore the metaverse we are working on will be a hyper-realistic one, quite different than the voxel style Sandbox and DCL present.

MetaV’s Mtopia
Ready Player One

MetaV is a virtual universe, in which people lived happily since its creation. However, Millennium Bugs attacked MetaV in 3000 AD (yes like the bugs in 2000) and caused the Big Bang of MetaV (TBBM). Since then, people who survived from the Big Bang have been trying to rebuild the metaverse and recover human civilizations. Of course, you can also do anything or become anyone you want here. You can all check our Medium or community art for the complete background story.

Millennium Bugs attacked MetaV in 3000 AD

Mtopia is the highest authority people unite to form in MetaV. Later on, we will vote out from our OG clubs and DS1 holders to join Mtopia, to participate in making key decisions, contribute ideas, art creation and game development.

Down the road to our metaverse, we will launch a series of NFTs, including robots, wearable gears, avatars and so force. They are exquisitely rendered art pieces themselves as well, so worthy to collect anyways.

NFT Labs: What is MetaV’s Vision for the future of its Project? What milestones have been accomplished?

Rak: In the long term, we are determined to establish an open hyper-realistic metaverse, with concept close enough like Ready Player One, with more than enough space for multiple cultures and ideologies.

From a more realistic perspective, we are aware that constructing a mature hyper-realistic metaverse takes tons of time and gold, and we want to realize it by presenting to you brick by brick. Therefore, before the metaverse comes online, we will launch NFTs, app, open ecosystem, and step by step till the goal.

By far, we have finished the background story of MetaV, as well as displaying it through multiple formats. As you can see in our medium, we have been releasing the stories about MetaV Universe and characters lately. We are working on pre-production of the metaverse right now. We will continuously create and publish stories of MetaV, and we invite the community to contribute ideas on anything we should put in MetaV.

Comic-Big Bang of MetaV Universe (6/6)

In the coming week, we will launch our NFT debut, a series of Discoverer1(“DS1”) robot.This will be very important gear in MetaV Universe, as well as the first NFT miner in metaverse spectrum.

We have also created a series of stylish digital wearables, which will be launched after Discoverer1. Spoiler alert, we are in final discussion with Darkhorse, the third largest comic IP corporations worldwide. So you will very likely to see Hellboy or the Mask showing up in our metaverse.

NFT Labs: MetaV’s goal is to become a leading metaverse in cryptographic space. So, in terms of development and competition, I wonder if MetaV has any innovations that competitors are short of currently. Do you consider them competitors or allies?

Rak: I think our team is quite different than most other projects. We have 10+ year of experience in producing 3D special effects in movies and games. Two key members of our team created an open-world game as early as in 2012. So we are actually an early adopter of metaverse.

We have built quite solid tech foundation for the past years. We have our own 3D creation and rendering platform, VR gaming engine, camera scanning matrix, and other unique technology foundations. These technologies will be packed and standardized to offer to our community later, so they can also become creators in the MetaV Universe.

We are also unique in several ways. First of all, we are the first hyper-realistic one, unlike Sandbox, DCL and some others who are all voxel-based. Secondly, we work on bridging real world and metaverse. For example, we will make the MetaV wearables actually wearable through AR effect. Metaverse is not for people to get away from reality, yet to better enjoy the beauties of virtual and real world together. Finally, we endeavor to build an open community, so we will involve the community as early as possible, from storytelling, to NFT ideas and creation, and to development of the universe. Our INO, Discoverer1 robot, as an NFT miner, also shows how we would like our community to participate in and share from our development.

As for other projects, we welcome collaboration with them. I truly believe that metaverses should be connected in the long-term future, and NFT is the key to shuttle through different metaverses. Without such openness and connection, metaverse is no better than traditional gaming or social app. Do you know why we create the concept CRYPTAL? Cuz other NFTs can cross the wall and land in MetaV through CRYPTAL, how cool is that! So Larva Lab, let’s work together haha~

Phase III: Miner or Partner? Who’s the friend in MetaV?

NFT Labs: Human feel lonely from time to time, even in this crowded and dazzled world, let alone a post-apocalyptic universe. DS1 seems to be a perfect partner. Can you give some details?

Rak: YES!!! DS1 is a perfect mission buddy. Each edition DS1 has unique features and mission buffs, covering its owner through all levels of challenges in the metaverse.

And we don’t just want our residents to have fun in the virtual world, but also in the real world. Therefore, you can expect to interact with your bot in real world quite soon.

Besides that, each Limited DS1 is an NFT miner itself. They have a permanent sharing mechanism. This enables the owners the opportunity to win FREE AIRDROP in ALL official MetaV NFT offerings, with rarity from Rare to Limited.


NFT Labs: We have noticed the contrast between booming search volume and calm secondary market. What’s your feedback on that?

Rak: Yes we have seen a lot of positive news about metaverse and NFT lately. On Nov 16 when CoinGeko announced the virtual conference, NFT’s search volume hit a history high. However, the market bounced back a little from early Nov low but still doesn’t perform very well, especially the secondary market liquidity remains a big challenge for most new projects.

Google trend today which shows the past 90 days of NFT searching

NFT is indeed the infrastructure for metaverse. However, we are still in early stage exploring its value. In the past year there have been some great examples, such as how Cryptopunks and BAYC lead the rise of crypto-native cultural icon and consensus from top to down; and also Loot developed metadata consisting of seveal lines of words, and let the community to create on top of it, therefore pushing the bottom-up revolution. However, there is still long way to go from having these concepts to a really deep application revolution. Therefore, these projects led to huge waves in Aug and Sep respectively, but only for a while.

We tend to believe that in order to have sustainable development for NFT, cultural value and transaction value are inadequate, and we need to create more utilization value for NFTs. In another word, what can a holder do with his/her NFT, no matter it is as the gears in a Gamefi, wearable in a metaverse, Ethereum Name Service, or application in social apps. The more time users would like to spend time in a scene, the more demand users have for related NFT, and therefore the liquidity and price can be maintained.

As we said earlier, one thing MetaV has endeavored to do is initiating more sceniaros for our fans to use MetaV NFTs. DS1 robot, our INO NFT, will be a very important part of the metaverse to come, and can also interact with its owners in real world through AR effect. Moreover, DS1 is the first NFT miner in crypto domain, as it has fixed chance to receive free airdrop in the future permanently. Therefore, the owner can continuously share value in MetaV development.

NFT Labs: To follow up above question, in this market circumstance, how do you make sure MetaV NFT’s performance in the secondary market?

Rak: To be frank, there is no guarantee on this, especially not in the short term. However, there are quite a few achievements we have and mechanisms we set, which give us great confidence on this.

First of all, we have had pretty good interactions with some big whale in crypto space, such as Machi Big Brother who is one of the leading ape holders. Also Nizzar.eth is quite supportive of us. For all the Chinese fans, our Siwen attended some top seminars and meetings to meet our Chinese fans, and get great connection with some key persons there.

wale: Machi Big Brother
whale: Nizzar.eth

Secondly, we feel that utilization value will set the ground for NFT value in the future. Therefore as explained earlier, we have done quite a lot in creating value for our residents.

Last but not least, we are actually gonna announce pretty soon, that we will deposit 10% fund from our INO to use for stablizing the market. We aim for the long term, yet we undersand the importance of short-term market performance.

NFT Labs: Could you give some details on your INO?

Rak: We are still discussing and voting on some details, but we can give some decided details here.

As you all know, our debut is DS1 robot, an NFT miner and also mission buddy.

We will launch 3 LIMITED editions and 1 EPIC editions of DS1.

Each LIMITED edition will come with 400 pieces with unique number. The EPIC edition only comes with 10 pieces, we only mint 1 for auction, 3 for the mystery box and the rest to come with other important uses.

The mutation mechanism: each LIMITED DS1 has 1/400 chance to mutate to an EPIC DS1.

The permanent sharing merchanism: LIMITED owner has a fixed chance to win FREE AIRDROP in ALL official MetaV NFT offerings, with rarity from RARE to LIMITED. EPIC owner has 40 times of that chance.

Timeline: Pre-sale: Nov 25th, only for WL, at price of 0.04 ETH.

Public mint: Nov 26th, at price of 0.06ETH.

Mint on ETH. Sale will mainly be on our website (metav.live). Yet we are in deep discussion with a top NFT platform who wants us to join their community. So we may INO on both platforms. However we will let our OGs decide.

Noted: the EPIC edition will go through auction on opensea.